6G Pipe Welding: What About Iran? (Why Do You Think We Need More Pipe Welders

Why do you want to read this article?

You want to read this, because 6G code certified pipe welders are making up to $12,000 a month, right now. A few years ago, the federal government predicted a 250,000 shortage of welders by now. Some of that has been filled by immigration. Some of that went away with the recession. However, things are now going the other way for pipe welders – demand is rising.

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It is critical that the USA become energy independent.

We have about five times the Saudi Arabian reserves in the ground. We now have the technology to get it out of the ground. Adding to that, Canada wants to ship us oil down an approved pipeline to Texas that will be built in 2012.

Getting our oil extracted, and the pipeline built are just two projects which require pipe welders. Nothing having to do with oil and gas can be done without more pipe welders, and we need more, now. The fact remains that only about 5% of all welders are pipe welders. Why? It isn’t easy. Each joint must pass X-Ray inspection. A 2% failure rate is the industry standard. If you are a pipe welder, that means you must get 98 joints to pass, out of every 100 you weld.

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Prediction # 1:

2012 will be the beginning of a boom in the USA oil fields. You don’t need a crystal ball for this one. We all want to go green and save the planet, and solar and wind are making some head way. However, both are a drop in the energy bucket. Why? It is simple economics. It takes a whole lot of solar panels to make a little bit of power, and they cost a whole lot of money. The situation will eventually change. However, until it changes, we must have oil to run this country.

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Iran is the only nation to ever be close to having nuclear weapons while constantly saying they can’t wait to use them. We can’t let Iran get nukes. This means there will be confrontation, and it could get nasty, soon. The Straight of Hormuz is narrow. If Iran sinks just one oil tanker coming through there on its’ way to the USA, they’ll block that vital path.

It doesn’t matter who gets elected President, we are in for a dramatic shift toward energy independence in the U.S. and soon. It won’t be a small thing. It will have many benefits. It could even pull us out of our economic slumber. Many workers will be needed, but the cream of the crop, making money normally associated with medical doctors, will be the pipe welders.

Prediction # 2:

Pipe welding schools will be full and stay full, starting now. Even if you’re a great structural welder right now, and you have all your structural certifications, you can’t weld pipe until you get your 6G certification – the hardest certification to get in welding. And, because the USA oil boom I’m talking about is already under way, you’ll find it very hard and very expensive to get into a pipe welding school.

Prediction # 3:

If you’re a great structural welder now, you can teach yourself 6G. Who do you know who taught themselves a difficult skill or task? Do you know a computer wizard who never spent a day in school? Welding pipe is hard. I don’t mean to make it sound easy.

However, the part of it that matters is the correct practice in enough quantity, to the point at which your OWN the skill. Is that too simple? Do you need a lot of other baloney around that? The guy that will hire you to weld pipe on a pipeline only cares that you can run a great root, every time, followed by a great hot pass.

What will get you work as a pipe welder?

A. You passed a bunch of welding classes and structural certifications.

B. You studied really hard a memorized a bunch of charts other welders don’t know.

C. You are an expert with a torch.

D. You practiced the 6G position until you could hold a conversation while running a root, upside down.

Yes, “D.” is the right choice. The truth is (and it is the truth the welding industry won’t tell you), all that matters is that you’re an ace at welding a pipe joint in the fixed 45 degree position which is called 6G.

If you can do that, will they care if you can speak English? No. If you can do that, will they care if you can READ? not really. If you can do that, will they care what classes you took? No! If you can do that, will they care if you’re deaf? Not if you are one hot pipe welding son-of-a-gun.

Look guys and gals, there are other things like this.

Consider the baseball pitcher. Who cares what else they can do, as long as they can pitch that ball fast enough? No one! As long as they have that money shot, they’ll make bank. The examples of narrow skills that involve becoming an expert through practice are endless. So what’s the problem?

Well, if you go to pipe school you’ll sit in class half the time. The other half, you’ll wait in line to use a flame bevel cutter or a grinder. In other words, 90% of your time will be doing something other than actually welding pipe. So how will you EVER get enough practice?

The average new pipe welder welds about 35 joints to get good enough to certify.

Yes, some do it in 26 joints. I have a friend who did it in just three, 12″ joints. Getting good enough to certify will NOT get you where you need to go. You MUST practice enough to become world class. If you don’t, then you’ll always regret it. They are NOT going to let you practice on a pipeline, where when you blow a joint, it will cost a ton of money to fix your screw up.

The answer to life is that one thing – just like in Blazing Saddles.

If your “one thing” is going to be pipe welding, then why would you sit around classes for as much as two years? What you need is to go straight to the skill that is that one thing and burn it up, get it down, and be the champion of the world. you can do it, if you want it. The only question is how will you do it without school?

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Why do you want to read this article? You want to read this, because 6G code certified pipe welders are making up to $12,000 a month, right now. A few years ago, the federal government predicted a 250,000 shortage of welders by now. Some of that has been filled by immigration. Some of that went…

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